Requirement of quality and traceability

Perpetuating craftsmanship with modern tools

Keen to have greater control over the quality of the raw materials and the purchase of wood to meet customer requirements, Jean-Luc Sylvain integrated in 1992 the stave mill activity within Tonnellerie Sylvain workshops.

Then in 2000, the stave mill Sylvain Bois is set up, on Saint-Denis de Pile site. Tonnellerie Sylvain and Sylvain Bois’ 2000 m² of modern facilities offer the very best in technology and traceability.

Production capacities are anticipated and reinforced to fall into line with imposed standards and regulatory requirements prior to barrel production.

Traceability from log to barrel

Control over the raw materials is a guarantee of failsafe traceability; it means that the custom-made product is monitored from forest to barrel.

A traceability process has been introduced at each of the stages that require know-how, rigour and discipline.

Every log, once cut down, is marked and identified. We can therefore establish the origin of the stave and the log, the parcel, the lot and the forest right up to the moment when the barrels are assembled.

Continuing process improvement

Our ongoing concern for quality means that our teams are constantly reassessing what they do in order to improve the production processes and provide the customer with a highly reliable product.

Following talks with winemakers at tastings, during discussion days organised at the cooperage or at internal process reviews, the production processes are regularly readjusted to achieve ever higher levels of quality.

Reactivity is the after-sales watchword

Quality and traceability do not end once the barrel has been delivered. A dedicated team is on hand to provide a rapid answer to any questions and needs that arise once the barrel is in place in the cellar.

To maintain this invaluable speed of reaction abroad, Tonnellerie Sylvain has carefully selected partner coopers to carry out maintenance and servicing operations on the barrels.