A noble material to be protected

France: a land of outstanding forests

In France we have the privilege of enjoying magnificent forests that are the result of centuries of forestry work initiated by Louis XIV and his prime minister Colbert. This inheritance offers us the finest possible raw material for making the very best barrels for ageing your wines.

Every year, Tonnellerie Sylvain’s Wood Purchasing teams, accompanied by Jean-Luc and Rémi Sylvain, visit the forests, mainly state-owned and managed by the O.N.F. (National Forestry Commission) in accordance with management and sustainable development criteria. Tronçais, Bercé, Blois, Bellème and Senonches forests, to mention but a few, provide a very special quality of wood. Bureau Veritas certifies that oak of French origin is used.

The Sylvain teams have used their in-depth knowledge to identify and map the forest areas and their climate types. Like grapes, oak, even when transformed, is still a living agricultural product that is influenced by its terroir; every forest region has its specific characteristics and it’s essential to know them.

Involving a historic heritage in the environment of the future

Tonnellerie Sylvain is aware of the need to protect the ecosystem on which its work depends: it supports sustainable forest management and accepts its share of responsibility. Since 2008, Tonnellerie Sylvain’s entire control chain has complied with PEFC requirements, which guarantee the quality and sustainable management of the forests in terms of biodiversity, management and renewal of species.

With increasing emphasis on a sustainable, environmentally friendly approach, Tonnellerie Sylvain and Sylvain Bois have introduced a “green” waste management policy. All its production waste is recovered by recycling organisations. In addition, 80% of the wood not used for making barrels is set aside to become a new form of energy.

The optimisation of primary “fuel wood” resources helps the region’s companies to be energy-autonomous
Tonnellerie Sylvain is « PEFC » cer­tified. This European Programme of certified forests is a guarantee of the quality and sustainable ma­nagement of forests, in terms of biodiversity, and renewal of spe­cies. Our cooperage wood pur­chases are only made from organi­zations that respect these criteria.

100% French Oak: Bureau Veritas testifies that the origin of the oak trees purchased by the Tonnellerie Sylvain is exclusively French for its ranges Sylvain Sélection, Sylvain Réserve, Sylvain Grande Réserve, Sylvain Blanc, Sylvain Signature, Sylvain Tradition, Sylvain Collection, Sylvain Vinification and Sylvain Biodynamie. This certificate of recogni­tion enables us to relate to the ori­gin of the woods all the way from their purchase to the production of the barrel and it’s delivery to the customer.