Cooperage expertise for 3 generations

Tonnellerie Sylvain is first and foremost the story of a family driven by a passion, which has been producing custom-made barrels to meet winemakers’ requirements, since Gérard Sylvain set up his first workshop in 1957.

Jean-Luc Sylvain, now supported by his children Claire and Rémi, has carried on this tradition of high quality in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, near Saint-Emilion.

Tonnellerie Sylvain’s barrels may be found in a large number of highly-reputed Châteaux and estates, and the family company has also conquered the export market, which accounts for two-thirds of its production.

A passion from generation to generation

Jean-Luc, Claire et Rémi Sylvain, are highly demanding and attach particular importance to the values of craftsmanship; know-how and precision are the only guarantee of quality in the cooper’s art. While technical innovation is visible in the workshops, all the major phases in barrel manufacture are carried out manually by experienced master coopers. The aim is to perpetuate the craftmanshio and family know-how by offering Tonnellerie Sylvain’s technological advances, reliability and quality.

1957, the founding

Gérard Sylvain sets up Tonnellerie Sylvain, mainly a repair shop, in the heart of Libourne

1980, the 2nd generation

Jean-Luc Sylvain joins the family firm as a cooper

1984, change of status

The business develops rapidly and now starts producing new barrels. Jean-Luc Sylvain becomes Chairman

1991, development

The company moves to new workshops (2000 m²) in Saint-Denis-de-Pile site (a few minutes from Saint-Emilion)

2000, control over the raw materials

Set up of the stave mill Sylvain Bois

2003, the essential laboratory

Purchase of the La Rose Perrière wine estate (Lussac-Saint-Emilion appellation) which becomes Tonnellerie Sylvain’s laboratory

2012, the 3rd generation

Jean-Luc Sylvain’s son, Rémi Sylvain, joins the company as an apprentice cooper. In 2015 he becomes the Director of Foudrerie Marc Grenier.

2015, the 3rd generation

Claire Sylvain, joins Tonnellerie Sylvain as Deputy Director

Tonnellerie Sylvain in figures


within the different services of the company: stave machining, head preparation, barrel assembling, toasting, quality control, finishing workshop, expedition, aftersales, sales and sales administration. 


produced per year to enhance the wines all around the world thanks to the several ranges adapted to every grape variety and wine area.

1 %

to the vineyards all around the world, in the North Hemisphere (Austria, France, Germany,  Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United-States…) but also in the South Hemisphere (Argentina, Australia, Chili, New Zealand, South Africa…).