Our product ranges

All our barrels are made of French oak, grown in state-owned forests managed by the ONF, certified PEFC on the basis of sustainable development and management criteria.
We select trees from 150 to 200 years' old, 50 - 80 cm in diameter.

Réserve - Reserve

These top-of-range barrels are made of oak from French state-owned high forests managed by ONF (Tronçais, Bercé, Fontainebleau, Haguenau, etc.), generally from sessile oak trees. The very fine-grained wood is sorted carefully and seasoned naturally, in the open air. "Réserve" barrels offer all the richness, finesse, and aromatic elegance of very fine-grained French oak, ideal for great wines to express their maximum potential. This is Sylvain's flagship product.

Sélection - Selection

The wood of these sessile or pedunculate oaks, from French state-owned or private forests, is selected for its fine grain. These barrels offer discreet, elegant aromas and structure-enhancing tannin. The oak is seasoned naturally in the open air. "Sélection" barrels are best-suited to powerful, tannic wines.

Blanc - White

Following extensive testing in wineries around the world, Sylvain has developed barrels specifically for white wines. "Blanc" barrels are assembled from fine-grained oak selected to enhance natural fruitiness, lightly toasted, and designed to offer the balance and elegance required for white wines.