The traceability process


A traceability process is implemented at each stage, in addition to the know-how, care, and discipline of the craftsmen.

As soon as the trees are felled, each unbarked log is marked and listed. When the barrels are custom-assembled for each customer, we are capable of identifying the origin of the staves, i.e. the unbarked log, as well as the plot, lot, and forest.

Controlling our raw materials guarantees seamless traceability, following each customized product from forest to barrel.

PEFC certified

Guaranteeing traceability is not just a matter of words.

We have made every effort to certify that the oak is of French origin and guarantee that the forests are managed and harvested in a sustainable manner (PEFC).

100% French oak

BUREAU VERITAS, a highly-respected inspection organization, certifies that the oak we buy is of French origin. This certification makes it possible to trace the origin of the oak from its purchase through to assembly of the barrel and delivery to the customer. In other words, the entire production chain is monitored and controlled: we are capable of taking any barrel and tracing it back to the original wood lot.