Oak, our raw material

For a cooper, choosing the right wood is as important as the right grapes are for a winegrower. This is why Jean-Luc Sylvain decided to integrate wood purchasing to his cooperage business.

He set up his own wood lot - where the unbarked logs are split into staves - on the same site where the barrels are produced.

Wood auctions

Every autumn, once our people have identified the plots of oak that we feel are likely to produce the best stavewood, they go to the ONF auctions and bid on the best lots.


Our wood comes exclusively from French forests, managed by the ONF, on the basis of sustainable management and development criteria. Our preferred sources for fine oak are the forests of Tronçais, Bercé, Blois, Bellème, and Senonches, to name but a few.
Starting in January, the oak trees are felled by foresters, whom we monitor very closely.